Alternate names for the Analyses

Why do I give the Analyses the names that I do? Well some of the more widely-used names I find less than helpful and (in some cases) just plain daft.

I've tried to use logical and descriptive names wherever possible. But for ease of reference, here are some equivalent names for strategies and algorithms that you might find in SuDoku books and on other websites.

Unique -

Naked Single, Hidden Single

Double -

Exposed Doubleton, Pair, Naked Pair

Triple - Exposed Gakken, Trio, Naked Triple

Quadruple - Exposed Nadako, Quad, Naked Quad

Associate - Pointing Pair, Pointing Triple, Box/Line Reduction

Rows and Columns (Double) - X-Wing, Finned X-Wing, Sushimi Finned X-Wing

Rows and Columns (Triple) - Sword-Fish

Rows and Columns (Quadruple) - Jelly-Fish

Buried Double - Hidden Doubleton, Buried Pair, Hidden Pair

Buried Triple - Hidden Gakken, Buried Trio, Hidden Triple

3-Way - XYZ-Wing

Quad Pairs -

Unique Rectangles

Singles Chain - Colouring, X-Cycle

Pairs Chain - Y-Wing, XY-Chain, Remote Pairs

Ultimate Chain - Alternating Inference Chain