Virtual Puzzle Books

Virtual Puzzle Books are collections of SuDokus.

Just like puzzle books that you might buy in a bookshop or newsagent, they contain a range of SuDokus of varying difficulty levels in a 'book' format with one puzzle per 'page'.

The puzzle book will retain the latest state of any puzzles that you have started - including any notes you have made - and also the time taken so far.

Unlike a 'hard copy' puzzle book, you can add more SuDokus - either downloads from this website, or ones you have entered yourself from a newspaper.

You can organise the SuDokus into 'chapters' if you wish - to group SuDokus of similar difficulty levels together, or for any other reason.

And because it is 'virtual', you can reset a puzzle to the start position without lots of rubbing out!

If you just can't kick the pencil and paper habit, no problem: you can print off a single page, or the whole puzzle book, in true WYSIWYG fashion.

Puzzle Book No. 1 comes free with the SuDoku Solver download. You can see it in pdf format here.

Additional puzzle books of 100 SuDokus each may be purchased here.
Virtual Puzzle Book 1
Virtual Puzzle Book 1