Version 9.0

New Features

1. In Solve Mode, when clicking on the Clue Button, the Help Detail box and the '?' cursor turn on automatically and the Clue Button turns red to indicate 'Clue Mode'. They will turn off automatically when clicking on the grid to return to Solve Mode (or when entering Solve Mode from any other Mode). The '?' button still allows the Help Detail box to be turned on and off manually.

2. Support added for a new type of Virtual Puzzle Book - MegaBooks. These are a collection of ALL the SuDokus published on the website during the year. The collection is updated with all the SuDokus published to-date at the click of a button.
More information is here.

3. For Killer SuDokus, several new enhancements have been made to the 'Impossible Combinations' analysis to tackle some particularly tough puzzles. Full details are here.

Bug Fixes

1. Using the "Poss" button to populate the whole grid with possible solutions, or using the 'P' key to populate a single Square with possible solutions, did not start the timer if elapsed time was zero.

2. A Solution in a Square did not always remove Possibles of the same value elsewhere within the same Group.

3. Going into List View (or Virtual Puzzle Book) and then exiting without loading a SuDoku, caused STEP mode to advance one step.

4. In List View, deleting a folder that contained files other than SuDoku files caused a crash.

Version 8.4


New Features

1. Picture SuDokus are now displayed in a different way. Previously, either the picture or the SuDoku grid were displayed depending on if the mouse was hovering over the grid. This caused the picture to flicker on and off in a distracting way. Now, the picture can be displayed (or not) under user control. Also the picture can be faded in and out to show both picture and grid overlayed.

Bug Fixes

1. In List View, SuDoku names could be truncated to 25 characters when the mouse cursor hovered over them.

2. In Capture Mode for Killer SuDokus, there were some pixels not being correctly re-drawn when the blue Group outline moved away.

3. In Capture Mode for Killer SuDokus, the blue Group outline was not drawing in the left column and the top row when the cursor was brought in from off-grid.

4. When loading a SuDoku, a 'PAUSED' message would show even if elapsed time was zero. Now, if a SuDoku is reset to the start position, and the SuDoku is saved without starting it, the 'PAUSED' message will not show when that SuDoku is re-loaded.

5. Returning from List View or Virtual Puzzle Book without selecting a SuDoku could cause the cursor not to display the blue highlight square in Capture and Solve modes.

6. When downloading a Killer SuDoku from the website, the message "The new SuDoku has been downloaded" would display even if a Killer SuDoku had not been downloaded, due to the Killer Solver feature not being licensed and the demo period of 30 days having expired.

7. Saving a Picture SuDoku that had been downloaded from the website, sometimes caused it to become unlicensed.