Cracking The Cryptic

Cracking The Cryptic

is a great YouTube channel for SuDoku solving tips - you can check it out here.

Many of the videos feature Duncan's SuDoku Solver, so it is a great way to see it in action!

With Version 10.0 of the Solver, support for a new FREE Puzzle Book has been added, called 'Cracking The Cryptic'. This Puzzle Book grows - as new puzzles are made available online, you can download them into the Puzzle Book and then follow along with how to solve them on the YouTube channel.

With Version 10.1 of the Solver, Killer SuDokus that appear on the YouTube channel are also downloaded into the Puzzle Book.

Instructions for installing the Puzzle Book

1. If you don't have version 10.1 of the Solver, un-install any previous versions and download the latest from the Download page here.

2. Once the Solver is running, from the Tools menu select 'Licensing' then 'Cracking The Cryptic'.

3. When asked for your email address and license key, just enter 'FREE' in both cases.

Instructions for downloading new puzzles into the Puzzle Book

1. From the Toolbar (or Tools menu) select 'Virtual Puzzle Book' or 'List View'.

2. Navigate to your existing folder 'Cracking The Cryptic'. If you don't have such a folder, following the installation instructions above.

3. Click the 'Download the latest SuDokus' button (the Globe button).