Picture SuDoku Puzzles

Picture SuDokus are puzzles with a hidden picture that gets revealed as you solve the SuDoku.

Virtual Puzzle Books made up of Picture SuDokus are now available as well as the 'standard' Virtual Puzzle Books.

Just like puzzle books that you might buy in a bookshop or newsagent, they contain a range of SuDokus of varying difficulty levels in a 'book' format with one puzzle - and one hidden picture - per 'page'.

The puzzle book will retain the latest state of any puzzles that you have started - including the picture revealed so far.

And because it is 'virtual', you can reset a puzzle to the start position without lots of rubbing out!

If you just can't kick the pencil and paper habit, no problem: you can print off a single page, or the whole puzzle book, in true WYSIWYG fashion.

Here you can see some screen shots from the Picture SuDoku book 'Top Models' which contains a SuDoku puzzle for each of 32 hidden pictures on this theme.

'Top Models' and additional Picture SuDoku books of 32 SuDokus each may be purchased here.

The monthly Picture SuDoku can be downloaded for free here.

Top Models
Top Models
Top Models
Top Models
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